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简单、常用的50句英语口语句子,赶快一起学起来吧!01 See you later.待会见;再联络A: I have to go.B: See you later.02 What"s up? 近来过得如何?A: Hey! What"s up


01 See you later.待会见;再联络

A: I have to go.

B: See you later.

02 What"s up? 近来过得如何?

A: Hey! What"s up?

B: Nothing much!

03 It"s on me. 我来付

A: The beer is on me.

B: Thank you.

04 I mean it.我是说真的

A: Do you really want to quit your job?

B: I mean it.

05 Check, please.买单

A: Check, please.

B: Yes, sir.

06 Mind your own business.别多管闲事

A: What were you talking about?

B: Mind your own business.

07 Hold on. 请稍等

A: May I leave a message, please?

B: Hold on.

08 Whatever! 随你的便!

A: Shall I tell him tonight or tomorrow?

B: Whatever!

09 After you.你先(请)

A: Please come in.

B: After you.

10 Nonsense! 胡说八道!

A: Tell me the truth. I don"t want nonsense.

B: I am telling the truth.

11 Cheer up! 振作点!

A: We lost the game again!

B: Cheer up! You"ll do better next time.

12 No way! 不行

A: Let"s have pizza for lunch.

B: No way! I hate pizza.

13 Go for it! 加油!

A: It’s an important test.

B: Yes, I will go for it!

14 You"ve got me there. / (it) beats me.我想不出来,我不知道,你考倒我了

A: Do you know the height of that building?

B: You"ve got me there. (Beats me)

15 Who Cares! 谁管你呀!

A: I can"t finish my homework. Can you help me to do some?

B: Who cares!

16 I"ll get it. 我来接(电话)

A: The phone is ringing.

B: I"ll get it.

17 It depends. 看情形

A: When will you wake up?

B: It depends.

18 Out of the question! 不可能的!

A: Could I borrow your bike?

B: Out of the question!

19 Allow me. 让我来。

A: Please allow me to open the door for you.

B: Thank you.

20 Calm down! 冷静一点!

A: Calm down. It"s not such a big deal.

B: You won"t understand.

21 Thank you. 谢谢。

A: You are beautiful!

B: Thank you.

22 You"re welcome. 不客气

A: Thank you for the flowers.

B: You’re welcome.

23 Goodbye.再见

A: Take care!

B: You too! Goodbye!

24 How are you (doing)? 你好吗?

A: How are you?

B: Not very good. I got a cold.

25 I have had enough! 我真是受够了!

A: I have had enough!

B: Why? What did he do?

26 Let"s call it a day. 今天到此为止吧!

A: Let"s call it a day. I am so tired.

B: All right!

27 Not again! 不会吧!

A: Everyone"s late.

B: Not again!

28 Knock it off! 住手!不要吵!

A: Knock it off! I am trying to study.

B: Sorry, I didn’t know that you are studying.

29 Good night. 晚安

A: Good night, everybody.

B: Good night, Jill! Have a sweet dream.

30 Sure! 可以呀!

A: Could I use your computer?

B: Sure!

31 Of course. 当然!

A: Could I borrow your car?

B: Of course.

32 Yes. 是的

A: Is this your cell phone?

B: Yes, it is mine.

33 Why? 为什么?

A: Sarah is not coming.

B: Why?

34 Be careful on the road. 路上小心

A: Be careful on the road. It’s getting dark.

B: Ok!

35 You decide. 你决定吧!

A: Do you want the black tie or the red one?

B: You decide.

36 Never mind. 没关系;不要紧

A: I am sorry that I broke your radio.

B: Never mind.

37 That"s all right. 没关系

A: I didn"t mean to be bump into you.

B: That"s all right.

38 I don"t know. 我不知道

A: Do you know where the police station is?

B: I don"t know.

39 Is there anything wrong? 有问题吗?

A: The boss was very angry at the meeting.

B: Why? Is there anything wrong?

40 No problem. 没问题

A: Could I borrow your car tomorrow?

B: Sure! No problem.

41 You are joking! (No kidding) 别开玩笑了

A: Did you know that Linda"s uncle is Jacky Chen?

B: You are joking! How did you know that?

42 Why not? 为什么不行?

A: You can"t go out today.

B: Why not?

43 I don"t understand…. 我不懂

A: Betty broke up with her new boyfriend.

B: I don"t understand how could this happen?

44 And then? 然后呢?

A: You should take this form to the first counter.

B: And then? What should I do?

45 So what? 那又如何?那又怎样?

A: Do you know there is a new theater down the street?

B: Yeah. So what?

46 It"s alright. 还好

A: How"s your steak?

B: It"s alright.

47 I am OK. 我没事

A: Are you hurt?

B: I am OK.

48 Bon voyage. 一路顺风

A: We are leaving for Boston tonight.

B: Bon voyage.

49 What happened? 发生了什么事?

A: Lucy is crying.

B: Why? What happened?

50 Come on! 来嘛!拜托!

A: I don"t want to go to the party.

B: Come on! Don"t be shy



音频.mp33:40来自小黑说英语The truth is quite other than what you think. 事实真相和你所想的完全不同。They stopped talking when their boss came i





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1.Do you see it?=Do you understand?你明白了吗?2. Do you want it?你要吗?3. Do you want something?你想要些什么?4. Don"t do it .不要做。5. Do




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